Traditional marketing includes all activities that do not take place on the internet.  Think about marketing before the internet. How did businesses market themselves?  They used print, broadcasting (radio and television) billboards, direct mail, coupons, events, telemarketing and loyalty programs.

Don’t be fooled, traditional marketing may sound antiquated but it is still the best approach for businesses who serve a local market.  Traditional marketing strategies are the most effective and direct way to establish and attract customers within a defined geographic reach. If this sounds like your business then you should consider some of the offline activities I’ve listed above.

You will find that traditional marketing strategies are more expensive than online marketing approaches.  That’s because traditional marketing requires you to purchase advertising or pay for printing and distribution methods.  Whereas publishing and distributing your message is free online. Of course nothing is truly free, you still have to do the work of creating content and managing campaigns.  And there are advertising costs online as well.

Every business should combine the best of digital marketing and traditional marketing. Social media is becoming more popular, confusing and time consuming for businesses. Ignoring social media marketing is not an option. Your customers are online and you need to be there with them.  And on top of that, businesses have to keep up with offline marketing efforts that work in collaboration with social media.  Social media alone can never replace all your marketing.

All traditional marketing should work in coordination with your digital marketing efforts.

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