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4419 Centennial Boulevard., Suite 354, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
+1 719-331-3877
4419 Centennial Boulevard., Suite 354, Colorado Springs, CO 80907




Listen. Talk.

We can meet to discuss your business.  Are you missing anything?  Could your business be doing something more when it comes to digital marketing? Are you doing it right?   I’ll conduct a digital marketing audit on your business before we meet, and then we discuss the results for an hourly fee of $75.00.


Responsive. Converts.

More than just building a websites – I create custom designed storefronts, with customer responsive content specific to your brand’s unique identity and message. WordPress and Shopify (E-Commerce) websites are my specialty.  I provide seamless website setup and hosting. A website is the most important marketing tool a business owns, it is your customers’ starting point and their destination.


Search. Find.

Google Ads and their menu of search option tools is powerful. A must for any business – and complicated!  Setting up an account, linking it to your website, monitoring for optimization, finding strong keyword, and writing copy that converts is tedious and time consuming.   I do this for you.  I keep on top of the frequent changes Google makes to their systems.


Powerful. Manageable.

My goal is to build and maintain responsive activity on social platforms that are most effective for your unique business.  Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining brand awareness, building a loyal customer community and driving traffic to your business through the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.   Whether it is simply posting or pay per click advertising campaigns. Social media can be confusing and time consuming.  I can help alleviate the stress.  


Dynamic. Mighty.

I help you rank higher in the search listings; called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  There are many free ways to do this; called Search Engine Marketing (SEM).  There are various methods, analytics and  Google AdWords that help boost your listing for a paid amount too. One thing is for sure, algorithms are always changing and you have to keep your business information updated frequently to stay on top! Let me help you  boost your business listing and key word searches on the internet.  


Persuasive. Personal.

Email is still a powerful tool to use in your business marketing. In fact some social media experts say you can’t grow a successful social media network of fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, etc. without using email marketing to attract, engage and retain your customer community. Email is a one-on-one personal conversation with your fan base.  A conversation that can convince and convert prospects into repeat buyers and advocates.  Let me show you how. 


Creative. Captivating.

I use creative story telling and eye catching visuals to share your business message.  Let me help you dream up the next beautiful and inspiring image paired with a compelling viral message. 
  Let’s persuade and educate your next new customer, and convince them to make that first purchase!


Engaging. Short Story.

Digital video formats are capturing customers daily.  I use creative short story and quick catchy visuals to engage with your digital audience.
  Let me help you dream up the next viral video.