Publicity is something you can do with little or no money in your marketing budget!
By definition, publicity is a no-cost way to communicate to your customers through mass media. In this way publicity is set apart from advertising, and other marketing communication options. Publicity is about you providing information about your business or product for free to a larger communication network or publisher.  They then reprint what you give them or write their own story about you. In the end your message reaches more people than you could have ever reached by your own doing.

Your business should never pay money for the public exposure you get through publicity activities.
However, you still have to invest sweat equity; hours of work (or pay a professional) to do the writing, phoning, on-line posting, designing, research, networking and administrative activities of publicity. If you don’t have a penny to spend, then do it yourself.

Make it newsworthy!
What does that mean? First and foremost, write about what your customers would care most about. Then tie it into a trending topic? Or tell an intriguing story about your product or business.  Here is a great list to reference; The 11 Things that Journalists Consider Newsworthy by Brad Phillips.

Your business gains credibility when you get publicity.
When information about your business comes from a third party source, it is more likely to be believed. There is a risk, you may lose control of what other’s say about your business or product when the information is in the hands of others.  But don’t forget, all your no-cost publicity reinforces the expensive types of marketing you do!

How do I know if I ran a successful publicity campaign?
Measure the number of people your message reached, by adding up the amount of space, airtime and on-line activity that the company or product received.

Get busy and do this free thing called publicity! 
How do you do this? No worries, go to my blog post  22 Free Ways to Promote Your Business where I’ve put together a list of ways to get started.

How do you “do” no-cost publicity in your business?