Pikes Peak Women Golfers,
Colorado Springs, CO


NON-PROFIT:  women’s golfing league

TARGET AUDIENCE:  women between the ages of 30-65 seeking golf and comradery

STORY: I really enjoyed writing, designing and building this website for the energetic ladies of Pikes Peak Women Golfers of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This 20-year-old league had been functioning without a website up until my build in 2017.  They badly needed to do away with their excel spreadsheets, calling trees and email log jams and put all their golf leagues information in one electronic place for all members and potential members to enjoy.  I built the website with two goals in mind: 1) recruit new members and 2) put all the member information in one easy to access place. Now they can access course schedules, course maps, post scores, download their newsletter, download member applications and reach out to each other via the contact page for more information and questions. I wish the ladies many great seasons of golf!


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