I’m a genuine fan (and user) of 17hats!

17hats has been on the market just over two years and it’s already darn close to perfection. It is an all-in-one online application to manage the nuts and bolts of your small business. It’s ideal for any small business owner who juggles multiple clients and has dealt with the caos of downloading numerous applications to perform daily business functions. I have been using 17hats for over three months and it has helped me organize and save time. It‘s the only tool I’ve found that has so many useful applications in one package – tailored to the functions of a small business owner or entrepreneur.

I have recommended 17hats to several clients and wanted to post this review to help more small businesses benefit, get organized and function in a professional manner.

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Here is my list of 17Hats pros and cons.


Projects: 17hats organizes your work by projects, tied to a client contact. In each project you store client tasks: quotes, invoices, contracts, events, time tracking, files, emails, workflow, to do’s, notes, phone logs and related contacts. So nice to have all those things in one place!

Overview Page: This is where I start every morning. The best dashboard layout ever! Up top, a 3-day calendar view of events and to-do’s. Under the calendar is a “Let’s take care of business” section listing action items from every ongoing project you have. Then a list of client email correspondence!

Client Emails: I love, love, love the email integration! How many times have you gone hunting for an important client email in your general email box? 17hats pulls copies of your client emails from your business email address (no need to create a new email account!) and groups them by client names into projects! Sweet!

Quotes and Invoice Templates: Working up a quote is now easy-peasy! And all quotes and invoices you send through the 17hats email system are track able! You can monitor if a client has opened the email and or accepted the quote or invoice. Once a client accepts a quote it turns into an invoice, you then send to client upon project completion for payment. No rewriting same info into an invoice! You can edit all quotes and invoices at any time. All this is tied to a complete Bookkeeping program inside 17hats.

Client Payment Options: 17hats works with Stripe, an ecommerce application, that seamlessly allows you to offer clients to pay by credit cards sent directly to your bank account within the 17hats application. PayPal and pay-by-check are also payment options inside the application.

Customer Service: A little green chat box sits at the bottom right of every page. It says, “We’re Online :)” – And they really are! If you have the simplest question to ask, click, and they are there, ready to answer from 7am EST to 10pmEST.  If it is off hours you can leave them an email under the “Help & Contact” button – upper right of screen. No need for a google search, seek-and-find help pages or sifting through a crowded pdf manual for an answer to a question about their application. 17hats is always reaching out to find ways to help customers and make their product more useful!

Pricing Structure: 17hats stays true to the small business owner on a tight budget. The cost for the application is very manageable. I recommend their 2 Year Plan, upfront $249, that’s about $10.38 a month. I can do that!


Using The Tool: It is a new way to work! The tool has multiple benefits, it’s easy to learn and use. However, I had to remind myself to open the tool and use it. It’s a habit you have to train yourself to do.

Credit Card Payments: Like most ecommerce credit card programs, Stripes charges users 2.9% +.30 per charge. A cost you have to plan ahead and pass on to clients.  In addition, there is a 7-10-day processing wait for credit card payments. I think this is too long of a wait for a small business owner who needs cash flow.

Email Integration: Getting your email business account(s) to sync with 17hats is a small challenge if your current business email account is not with a major provider (Hotmail, Gmail, AOL etc.)


Update October, 2015

I received a notice from 17hats on October 7 – they will be releasing a few new features. I’m looking forward to exploring these:

“In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be releasing a number of new lead management features, which include funnels, overviews, enhanced project overviews, and referral tracking.” – 17hats.

Note from author Update June 2016 –  When I posted this article back in October of 2015 I received no payment from 17hats to write this review.  Since then they offered me an affiliate agreement, because this article sent so many customers there way.  I am still a genuine fan and user of 17Hats. Just happy to share the product with more small businesses!

If you decide to purchase 17hats please send them my referral code https://17hats.com?r=nhksgknggk – Thank you!