This is not a silly question, especially if you are new to social media.
You may be wondering this yourself.  “Is email considered a social media?” asked one of my clients a few months back.  This is how I answered his question:

Social media is an online community, a virtual location where people go to post all forms of electronic information for the purpose of sharing, exchanging and networking.

Email is not considered social media but an online marketing tool.  Here’s the scoop. Facebook is social. Twitter is social. Pinterest and Youtube are social. Your teenagers are probably on Instagram and that is no doubt social. All discussion and message boards are social.

Why isn’t Email social? Email is more often a form of one-to-one communication. It doesn’t lend itself easily to group discussion and networking. Having said that, don’t ignore using email in your business!

Email is a necessary and effective tool to use in your business marketing.  In fact some social media experts say you can’t grow a successful social media network of fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, etc. without using email marketing to attract, engage and then retain your customer community.  How do you do all that?

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