The cat is out of the bag!
I’m going to share with you twenty-two free ways you can use traditional marketing to speak directly to your customers. This list includes ways to promote your business by not using the internet or social media. Of course there is nothing stopping you from duplicating almost all of the items below for the use of online business marketing.

In my post Publicity is Today’s Blue Plate Special, I explain how to create content for publicity with no cost to you but your time.  Now we’re going to look at how to gain the attention of your customer and get your business message or story out to consumers at no cost except sweat equity.

I’ve gathered this list over the years from personal experiences and various sources.  I’m not going to explain each one,  because you can Google key word search any one of these items and find information on the web about how to go about implementing them in your business.

Choose from the list below as to which ones are a good fit for your business.
Or get the advice of a professional. Ask me which practices are best for you.

22 Free Ways to Promote Your Business

  1. Distribute Press Releases
  2. Build a Media Contact List and Network
  3. Create Company Communications
  4. Write Web Content
  5. Write an Article and Get It Placed In A Larger Media Source
  6. Set Up A News Conference
  7. Distribute A Free Information Kit to Media and Customers
  8. Be a Radio/TV Guest
  9. Product Placement
  10. Write An Ongoing Column In Large Publication
  11. Write An Editorial
  12. Write a Book
  13. Send Personal Letters
  14. Set up A Referral Program
  15. Have Others Write Personal Letters Of Recommendation
  16. Gather Testimonies / Quotes / Customer Reviews
  17. Post Your Company On Free Calendars/Directories
  18. Post on Community Bulletin Boards
  19. Joint Ventures
  20. Partner Marketing
  21. Auction Product At Event
  22. Offer Free Samples

What am I missing? Remember, it has to be low or no cost! Go ahead and tell me in the comments section below. 

Contact me if you want to help implementing any of the 22 ways to publicize.