No! Direct Marketing continues to be the most direct route a small business can take to reach their customers.  Direct marketing is an effective tool especially for businesses who need to reach customers in a specifc region using zip and area codes. It’s also a personal way to build a relationship with your customer.

Here are the types of direct marketing methods for a small business to consider using.

Direct Mail Marketing
Direct mail is a printed promotional piece about your business mailed to a potential customer. This can be a postcard, letter, flyer or catalog advertising your business and includes a customer offer. (Or a pink present with a black bow!) Direct mailers are sent to a targeted zip code area.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is when you send group emails about  your business directly to potential customers. It is a cost effective and measurable way to reach your customers.  Emails can be in the form of e-coupons, e-newsletters, ads or company events and updates. When sending emails, think “What value can I give my customer?”.  Shop around for free email direct marketing tools, there are a lot out there.  Here are my two favorites: Mail Chimp and Constant Contact.

Text (SMS) Marketing
Send txt messages to customers that include business coupons, offers or promotional updates.  Some consider this form of marketing intrusive, since you are hitting your customer on the one device they keep with them all the time.  However text marketing is growing more popular, and if done correctly with customer buy-in, you can connect and build strong customer relationships. If you think this is right for your business here is a list of the best text messaging marketing tools of 2016.

Telemarketing is contacting potential customers over the phone. Using telemarketing to find new customers is growing less popular.  However there are automated voice phone messaging systems available to businesses that reach out to customers who are already on a mailing list and prefer updates and reminders via voice phone messaging.

How direct marketing is beneficial to your small business.

  • Immediate and Personal
  • Increases Web Traffic
  • Precisely Targeted
  • Budget Flexibility
  • Equalizer for Small Businesses
  • Builds Brand Awareness
  • Expands Customer Service Reach
  • Advertise Specials, Promotions and Events
  • Testable and Measurable
  • Feedback Loop
  • Creates Product Evangelists, “forward to a friend”

What kind of direct marketing has been successful in your small business? Tell me in the comments below.