A few years back Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado appointed Nov. 18 as Upcycle Day.  His proclomation cited more than 20 enterprises in Colorado that use “materials otherwise sent to landfills to produce high-quality consumer goods.”  Springs Small Business Marketing is not directly related to this upcycle activity.  However as an individual, I’m doing my part!  Here is my recent kitchen table upcycle.

My inspiration for this furniture makeover project came from two Ethan Allen dining tables, the Miller Rustic and Cameron, both retailing at around $2,529.00 each.

I hunted in thrift stores and quickly found a $69.00 solid oak table with hefty wood turned baluster legs. Beastsly, but it held great potential! The beauty lay hidden under the ghastly outdated varnish. I planned to paint the shapely legs.  And the top, well that would take no time to sand and refinish!


After a steel wool,  soap and water scrub down of the entire table, I began painting the nicely shaped skirt, located just under the tabletop and then the legs. I used leftover paint from  my kitchen cabinet makeover, a dusty gray.


Let the sanding begin! 80 grit sandpaper first and then a once over with 120 grit. It took less than an hour to get the grisly brown varnish off. Wear a mask and keep a shop vacuum handy, the dust spreads and clings to everything!









I wiped the top clean then brushed on the two colors of Minwax water based wood finishes. Honeydew in the middle and River Stone around the frame. The oak grain was so luxurious I wanted it to show through the stain, so I sanded the top again with 120 grit, leaving only hints of the stain color.  Giving it a rustic shabby chic look.


After two coats of Minwax water based semi gloss polycrylic on the tabletop, this is how she turned out. I think lovely!
FinishedTable3TableBefore_After_verticleHow have you contributed to the upcycle movement?  Please share below!