My review of this gripping true story.

Every small business owner contributes to the free economy and the civility of a peaceful community. Daunting but true! The business you run and how ethically you run it is what contributes to the larger notion of an advanced civilization. No matter how small you are, you are a player.

Many people live unaware of the flagrant privileges a civilized society extends to its people and how the pillars of our peaceful communities are taken for granted. Michael Scott Moore’s book, “The Desert and the Sea” will wake you up from your western worldview slumber.

I just finished reading “The Desert and the Sea,” journalist Michael Scott Moore’s account of his 977 days captive by Somalia pirates.

The cliche phrase, “I couldn’t put this book down” is true! The story moves along brilliantly; weaving the account of the author’s captivity with cultural history, personal past mis-giving’s and captors’ odd personalists. To be perfectly honest, I did put the book down once or twice because I found myself absorbing the author’s pain and anxiety. Moore’s book was written so well, it touched my psyche deeply. His unjust imprisonment was stomach turning and wrong on so many levels. But I stepped away from the book to mostly reflect on how the lethal combination of poverty, lack of education, political chaos, and religious zeal can turn humans toward ugliness, entropy and insanity. The book shows us that ideas are indeed powerful; both positive and destructive.

The intensity of Moore’s story lies in its realness – “This isn’t fiction,” I had to keep reminding myself as I read. As an American citizen, I noted and often appreciated the author’s non-American (European) view on various political and social issues – not completely void of bias. The historical content he provided throughout the book about Somalia, pirating and the Muslim religion was greatly appreciated. And how he noted and quoted other authors who wrote about these subjects, so the reader could go beyond the book and learn more.

Mr. Moore should be honored as a true survivor. But most importantly, I thank him for sharing his story.  So those who live in simple ignorance to the favors of a civilized society can hear the truth.  Mr. Moore’s accounts of the dark and sinister Somalia pirate trade only shines a bright light on the importance of education, a free economy, democracy, and religious freedom.

This book is not about business, but I recommend it because it’s simply a fantastic read! – Elizabeth Carter, Owner Springs Small Business Marketing