+1 719-331-3877
4419 Centennial Boulevard., Suite 354, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
+1 719-331-3877
4419 Centennial Boulevard., Suite 354, Colorado Springs, CO 80907




Helping businesses grow.

My passion is sharing the magic of digital marketing with my clients and seeing their business thrive.  My goal is to strengthen business brand and increase customer awareness, relationships and conversion. I do this by providing online strategic marketing services to clients through coaching, training, project management and creative boldness.

Continuing Education

30+ Years of Marketing Communications Experience and Growing!

Digital Marketing is a moving target.  Technology is pushing change daily.  I have a Masters in Business Marketing, but  I continually update my skill through professional marketing education courses and conferences.
I’m happy to announce on September 4, 2017  I completed and passed a four month Executive Level Columbia University Business School digital marketing course – a refresher to my MA degree in Business Marketing acquired in 1997. What a great experience, working with like-minded marketing professionals from all over the world and David Rogers, Faculty Director at Columbia, who was superb. Course content was intense; covered high level and trending digital strategies – ready to put theory into practice to improve my small business client’s marketing effectiveness.


Elizabeth Carter, Owner

30+ years of marketing and communications professional experience comprise my background. Prior to starting a consulting firm I was a B2B Marketing Communications Manager for an international semiconductor company in Colorado Springs, CO. At night I taught undergraduate college courses in the subjects of marketing and business organization.

Past professional titles include: consultant,  media marketing director, marketing communications manager, writer, producer, director and graphic designer.  Past organizations I have served include: corporate, non-profits, medium & small businesses, international television and radio organizations.

I earned my M.A. in Business Marketing from Auckland Universtiy, New Zealand in 1997. Prior to my marketing career (while in my 20s!) I was a television producer and writer for local (NBC St. Louis, MO), national (Discovery Channel, Boston, MA) and international (NBC Barcelona Spain) broadcasting organizations.

Love To My Clients

Like Minds Drawn Together

My clients are my work.  They are wonderful, diverse and creative people, offering things like; human stem cell serums that improve aging skin,  historic cabins transformed into luxury vacations, advanced preschool learning that goes beyond an ordinary daycare experience, car seat technology that saves babies lives, twenty-year-old women’s golfing league bringing women together, and scuba dive adventure travel treating divers to exotic excursions!  I’ve been blessed to have these creative entrepreneurs seek me out, asking for my help to grow their life passions.  Each and every one of them shares the same qualities; passion, drive, determination, and a desire to improve other’s lives with the product or service they offer.  I believe like minds attract – because I strive to hold those same qualities in my work too.


Colorado Springs, CO

Headquarters (not my boundaries!)

I work with businesses in my beautiful hometown of  Colorado Springs and beyond!  My clients include small to medium size businesses in the United State and overseas.

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Colorado Springs Small Business Marketing
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