Serving Small Business Marketing Clients

My passion for the last ten years has been teaching small business owners how targeted small business marketing, captivating website design, and SEO can grow their businesses.  I aim to strengthen their brand, increase customer awareness, and create conversions that lead to customer purchases.   I provide customer-focused website design, SEO, graphic design, email marketing, strategic digital marketing services, and creative boldness. Springs Small Business Marketing has held a Colorado Business Certificate of Good Standing Since 2013.

Why hire a marketing consultant?

•  I find you more customers
•  I focus on marketing that works
•  Less expensive than an employee
•  Saves you time
• I can get it done faster than you can
• I know things you don’t


Small Business Marketing Is A Fast-Moving Target

AI is quickly changing everything for small business marketing. And I continue to unravel the potential for small businesses by staying in touch with AI thought leaders and continually testing AI tools and applications.

I earned my MA in Business Marketing from Auckland University, New Zealand 1997. And since then, the rapid growth of technology has altered digital marketing practices at warp speeds.  That is why I continually update my skills. I am a member of Seth Godin’s NEXT MBA Global Community, attend Digital Summit conferences, and follow digital marketing podcasters.

I completed a comprehensive four-month digital marketing course at Columbia University Business School. Collaborating with marketing professionals globally and under the guidance of David Rogers, the Faculty Director at Columbia, was truly enriching. The course delved into high-level and cutting-edge digital strategies for small business marketing, providing an intense and invaluable learning experience. 


Elizabeth Carter, Owner & Founder Springs Small Business Marketing

My life experiences includes 30+ years of professional marketing and communications.  I opened the doors to Springs Small Business Marketing in June 2014.  Before starting a small business marketing consulting agency, I was the B2B Marketing Communications Manager for Ramtron International, a semiconductor company headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO.  At night I taught undergraduate courses on marketing and business organization at Webster University and Colorado Christian University.

Past professional titles include consultant, media marketing director, marketing communications manager, writer, television producer, television director, and graphic designer.  I have worked for corporate, non-profits, medium & small-sized businesses, and international television and radio organizations.

Notable Past Employers:
• NBC TV St. Louis, MO – Writer
• NBC Sports Barcelona, Spain – Producer
• Discovery Channel, Boston, MA – Producer
• Southland Television, Invercargill, New Zealand – Business/Marketing Consultant


Precious life passions

Like-Minds Attract

I am dedicated to helping my small business marketing clients thrive.  I’ve been blessed to have creative entrepreneurs seek me out and ask for my help to grow their precious life passions.  Each is innovative and dedicated, offering unique products and services such as bio-threat safe sample testing that keeps communities safe,  human stem cell serums that improve aging skin, historic cabins for luxury vacations, advanced preschool learning that goes beyond ordinary, car seat technology that saves babies’ lives,  theatrical education that introduces children to the magic of story and stage, and innovative pet grooming services!  My clients share the same qualities: drive, determination, and a desire to improve others’ lives with the product or service they believe in and sell.  I also strive to hold those same qualities in my work, as like-minds attract.