You’re business is the best!

You offer amazing products or services! It’s unique and unmatched.  No one else is doing the same thing the same way as you!  Go on, keep those blinders on, stay busy and just work harder! Ignore anyone else in the marketplace that produces or does anything close to what your business does. Wrong!

Researching your competitors give you valuable information about them, but also reveals to you where your business needs to improve! 

Act like a detective.

Take some time to pull your head up from your daily grind and see what the other guy is doing.

10 Things You Must Find Out About Your Competition:

1. What services/products are they offering that are different from yours?

2. Where are they located and where do their customers live?

3. What is their mission statement?

4. What is their pricing structure?

5. How is their website structured?

6. Are they on social media platforms, which ones? What are they saying?

7. Do they offer promotions or put on special events?

8. What type of audience (customer) are they attracting?

9. Can they be a partner?

10. Who are they partners with?

What does competitor research look like?

Keeping tabs on industry news and competitors is a lofty goal. No business owner would argue the importance of these, but how many of us actually take the time to do it? Instead, set up simple Google Alerts for competitor names or industry terms, and get an automatic notification each time there is something worth seeing. Also, check out BuzzSumo, an app that helps you quickly identify, monitor, and analyze the top performing website content of your competitors.

If you need more help researching your competition, please contact me. I can help you gain the edge over your competition by revealing ways you can market your business more effectively!